Journal II

Iathiel, Bintak, Zanzuket, Korhac and Zaltec made their preperations and then sailed for Candlemere. It took some diplomatic effort on the King’s part to make the sailors sail all the way to the island.

Cutting through poison nettles they came to the tower of Candlemere. At night the tower became haunted and the group was ambushed by a wisp that was attracted by the fear shadow of the tower.
The group then entered the tower and killed a gibbering mouth in the tower basement and Bintak conversed with his ancestors to learn the dark secrets of the tower.
The next day, at night, Bintak followed his ancestors advice and destroyed the haunts that were embedded in the tower. The tower then collapsed and 8 wisps tried to take their revenge on the group. Only the handy preperations of the group made sure that the group survived.
The group then returned home for some well earned downtime.

After relaxing and training (level 7) they ordered the construction of a moon radish camp and the taxes were moderate that month (7BP).

Next month they built an inn in Tuskwater called “Zanzukanian waters” and the taxes were excellent (10BP).

Soon they erected a building to house an exsotic craftsman and expanded the Kingdom to include Tatzlfort. Taxes generated good income that month (10BP).

The Kingdom then expanded up the Thornriver and the Silverrock smithy was founded. Taxes were collected (9BP) and an important person went on a shopping spree in the Greenbelt (14BP).

The next month was spent saving up wealth (11BP) and in the last month of the winter a library was erected and the Kingdom was expanded further into the Narlmarches. The taxes almost paid for the library (12BP) and the weather was excellent sending almost all people in the Greenbelt into a cheerful mood.



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