Iathiel, Bintak, Zanzuket & Korhac set out to find the Hodag described by Stas the lumberjack. They sailed all the way to where Murque River begins without incident and visited the elven fort.
After some exploration the group was ambushed by a wyvern and only by the grace of Torag was Iathiel Spymaster kept in our world. However it was by King Zanzukets hot fire and Marshal Korhacs cold steel that the wyvern was exiled from the world of the living.
The royal Worg then sped off and carried the King to see the Hodag. The Hodag was a menace to light armored opponents (royal worg and celestrial crocodile) but after the Marshal stepped forward the party suffered no more damage. The party found a magical spear and a suit of armor in the lair of the Hodag.
On the return journey the group encountered six boggarts feasting on the flesh of a dead lumberjack. They slew the boggarts and burried the man.

At home the counsil discussed wether to build a camp or a winery in the fangberry forest, but it was decided to save up resources and to build the promised noble villa. Treasurer Bintaks strategy of being leniet with the people paid off this month as the people generously donated extra taxes (9BP).

Iathiel learned about a group of witches of Gyronnah and after a few nights of shadowing the group located the covenant. One fireball later the kingdom was rid of Gyronnahs influence.
That month the people buried the charred remains of one of their honored citizens and the strong economy came through again (9BP).

In order to gain information on how to defeat the wisps the party decided to find rattlecaps for the Belldame (the hag). The government ordered the construction of a keelboat and while waiting for its completion they expanded the kingdom towards the Narlmarches and set up a logging camp. The content people of Greenbelt paid a good sum of taxes (9BP).

The party then set out in the keelboat and following their noses they found the rattlecap mud pit. A tendriculos assaulted the King, and nearly swallowed our Liege whole but it was felled before it could finish the deed. The elf then found 15 rattlecaps and once delivered the Belldame explained that there is a tower on the island that attracts the wisps. Rumour said there used to be a temple on the island and something about a goat. Now there are only screams and something that eats the screamers. On that happy note the party then explored the southern shore of the Gudrin river. On the second night they were attacked by a wisp. The group then got first hand experience on the electricity attacks and elusiveness of the wisps. Korhac threw water on it to make it visible and King Zanzuket (bravely) zapped the zapper with missiles of magic.

The group also encountered a laucrotta, a mind-affecting badgerlike predator. King Zanzuket set an illusion trap for the monster and the group quickly finished the monsters life. There they found some blue dragonhide armor, an ivory comb and a tree feather token. Before returning to the kingdom they met a small feydragon called Ravash (for its ravashing looks) that told the group that a lot of fey live up at lake Silverstep. Korhac courtiously invited Raavash to come visit the kingdom for a honey snack. The group then traveled home humming the tune of “Soren Bandjomus”.



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