Cleaning out evil Fey and hungry Lizardmen

Month of Lamashan, first year after the founding of Greenbelt.
The brave rulers of the Greenbelt travelled to the ruined Elven outpost, clearing out rats and fey. One inhabitant got away in the night, leaving only an empty chest behind in a room overgrown with assassin vine.
Back in Tuskwater, the elven scribe stayed behind as the rulers set a trap for a werewolf, catching and curing a cursed man with two unfortunate kills behind him. A deal was renegotiated with Kesten Garess, and the realm was expanded.
As the young boy Tig disappeared, the sometimes heroic band set off towards the South, along the shores of Lake Candlemere. At the mouth of the Murque River there lay a wooden palisade upon a muddy island. Hearing screams, the casters called wind and fire, broke down the palisades, and the band carved their way through the lizardmen, their pets, and Vesket their king. Tig was found tied up above the pit in which the pets had dwelt, and a transparent, luminescent lizard skull zapped the Marshal and disappeared.
Returning, they found the population on the edge of rebellion, an enchanted orator speaking thunder and fire of the performance of the ruling class. In full public view of all the irate citizens the General walked up on stage and clobbered the man, dragging him towards the Castle as the crowd started throwing rocks. Trying and failing to calms the populace, the King got out unscathed mostly due to his small stature. By negotiation and truth-magic, the orator Grigori admitted to being hired in Pitax by an agent claiming to represent Fort Drelev. Offered a better deal in the Greenbelt, Grigori decided to take the job as Councilor.


Awesome writing :) But I think it was the King who tried to calm the populace, since it was the Treasurer who helped the General arrest the orator.

I especially like the part that sounds like it was the casters who did all the work at Murque River.


Fixed the details up a bit.


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