Loy Rezbin

Mayor of Tatzlford


A friendly and energetic man, Loy Rezbin and his wife founded the city of Tatzlford on the Skunk River. Loy is a skilled tradesman, merchant, and entrepreneur. After a run of bad luck in Restov, he set his sights on the recently founded colonies in the Stolen Lands. Shortly after arriving in Tuskwater, he determined that the town’s trade was to well established to monopolize. After speaking with Zanzuket, he managed to secure a position as mayor of a new settlement at the lone ford on the Skunk river. Tatzlford, as the town was called, is intended as a trading post along the likely route of a road between Tuskwater and The Drelev Domain. With any luck, Loy hopes that this route will link Tuskwater both with The Drelev DDomain as well as with New Stetven, capital of Brevoy.


Loy Rezbin

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