Hargulka's Fall, the founding of Tatzlford, and further expansion

With winter blanketing the realm in snow, the regent decreed that exploration would have to wait. With the early thaw, the adventurers headed to the Southern shore of Candlemere. Exploring westward, they sought the point where they had finally caught up with the fleeing troll following the encounter with the disbanded troop of Hargulka’s forces near Melianse‘s grove.
In their search, the heavy wingbeat of a forest drake forced them to interrupt the exploration. The group mobilized their ranged capacity, and wounded the beast enough to drive it off. Healing their acid-burned comrades, they tracked the drake’s lair, enraging the beast enough to bring it charging in. The drake was slain and skinned, it’s severed head brought along for decoration.
The lair of Hargulka was located in an old Dwarven fortification, and the group charged in, slaying numerous trolls in the ancient halls. The loot collected from the trolls, along with the reward granted by Restov for clearing out the trolls, allowed the kingdom to finish the Erastil temple in Tuskwater on time.



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