The notable personal contacts of the adventurers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and have varied attitudes towards the new rulers and their kingdom.
Friends and allies:
Akiros Ismort – A morose, reformed bandit.
Bokken – A half-mad (at least) aging hermit alchemist.
Chief Sootscale – The King-Beneath-The-Earth, a crafty kobold.
Grigori – A heavy-set bard of flexible morality.
Jhod Kavken – An old hunter and priest of Erastil.
Kesten Garess – A fallen noble making a strong comeback in a new kingdom.
Lily Teskertin – A quick-witted flirt with an appreciation for expensive luxuries.
Oleg Leveton – A middle-aged merchant trying and failing to escape civilization’s worse aspects.
Perlivash – A carefree trickster, and self-proclaimed Kehi amongst the Faerie Dragons.
Svetlana Leveton – The incredibly patient wife of Oleg.
The Old Beldame – The “Swamp Witch” is a hard-of-hearing recluse.
Tyg-Titter-Tut – A grig friend of Perlivash, claims to be Trickster Queen of the Narlmarches.

Corax – A logger leader, strongly dislikes fey.
Garuum – A boggard with a crippled hand.
Jubilost Narthropple – A gnome mapmaker, seeking a dwarven ruin in the Greenbelt.

Living Enemies:
Kressle – A ranger with a history of banditry, no recent sightings.

Defeated Enemies of reknown:
Hargulka – Troll chieftain,self-declared ruler of the Narlmaches.
The Stag Lord – A bandit lord known for wearing the Stag’s Helm, self-declared ruler of the Greenbelt.
Vordakai – An ancient but weakened cyclops lich, undone in his tomb, after trying to set himself up as future ruler of the Greenbelt.

Defeated Enemies otherwise notable:
Howls-In-The-North-Wind – A large, pale worg which roamed the Greenbelt for years. Now the royal fireside carpet
Kankerata – Vast and strangely stationary bulette, slain and skinned.
The Dancing Lady – A bloodthirsty fey, the bones of many victims littered the countryside around her. Killed and cremated.
Tuskgutter – An exceptionally large boar, with dozens of victims to it’s name. Head handed over to an old ranger who lost a leg to the beast.


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