Nivakta's Crossing

Nivakta’s Crossing is a village at the very southern edge of Rostland situated on the northern bank of the Shrike River and overlooking the Stolen Lands of the River Kingdoms to its south.

The village is protected by a wooden palisade wall surrounding it. The South Rostland Road runs through the village, as does the road leading to the newly established settlement at Varnhold. This latter road crosses a low, fortified bridge across the Shrike.

The town is home to trappers, anglers, hunters and tradesmen. The locals are a serious bunch and very suspicious of strangers especially those from the south, i.e., the Stolen Lands.

Senior inhabitants include:
Lord Mayor Irven Revanisu
Sheriff Lorin Kaven
Abbot Kara Ilarenika, cleric of Pharasma

Nivakta's Crossing

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