Valley of the Dead and the death of the cyclops lich

I, the Great All Mighty Sorcerer King Zanzuket record these stories so future generations can know of my heroic deeds and great adventures as I founded the city of Tuskwater and claimed the lands around it in my glorious name.

My underlings and I had just entered the foul fortress of the Cyclops Lich Vordakai. Vordakai was responsible for the attack and kidnapping of Varnholds population. The foul fortress was full of evil daemonic minions, monstrous Cyclops zombies, traps, secret doors and hidden rooms.
It was clear from the start that Vordakai feared me and did not dare face me. This was clear to me after his first assassination attempt where he send a daemon of shadows and smoke to slay me in my sleep.

The foul fortress was a maze of corridors and room where the Cyclops of old worshiped their foul daemon gods and the now dread zombie of the Cyclops consumed captured human brains. That was also how we founded the population of Varhold! All dead with their brains removed and consumed!

I the great and mighty king of Tuskwater fought my way through legions of these giant foul zombies and a host of daemonic assassin that tried to take your soul! Nevertheless, in the ended they were no match for me and my underlings.

However, Vordakai had one last trick to try before he was forced to take me on himself. Hidden in a foundation was his second assassin! A giant water elemental which leaped at me and the impact shattered the tiles of the stone floor around me and nearly crushed me. However, with my fast thinking and vast magical powers I threw up a forcewall in front of me. Shielding my underlings and myself from the beast’s wrath. They would surely not have survived an attack from a so powerful foe.

While the powerful water elemental attacked the forcewall and my underlings panicked trying to hide, my fast thinking and great powers made it possible to defeat the monster without sacrificing any underlings. I made a forcewall over a boiling tar pit we found in the dungeon of the fortress and placed a magical servant on the wall over the pit. I magical hasted all my underlings so they could lure the elemental to the magical summoned servant. The great elemental attacked the servant on the forcewall I dispelled the wall and the servant and drowned the elemental in boiling tar.

Cyclops Lich Vordakai last minion was now defeated and he had no choice other than attacking me. We battled long and hard exchanging deathly magic’s. I think he was lost in fear and despair because he offered me the great and powerful Zanzuket mercy if I surrendered! After this pathetic offer, I put an end to his unlife.

After the epic battle between magic the fortress was looted and many magical objects and hoards of gold was founded. However, between the magical objects one stood out. The magical eye of Vordakai himself, a powerful item from the one the hellish planes. The Item is very powerful and would be a nice addition to my powers. But as with any powers from the hells, it comes with a price. Dark deeds are required before and during the use of it. Now the question is do I sacrifice a powerful artifact and destroy it or gain more power?



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