Adventures of the Great All Mighty Sorcerer King Zanzuket

The 11 of November.

I the Great All Mighty Sorcerer King Zanzuket record these stories so future generations can know of me heroic deeds and great adventures as I founded the city of Tuskwater and claimed the lands about it in my glorious name.

After a long and hard journey where I had to save my followers the priest dwarfs Bontek, the warrior dwarf – Khornhak and elf women – Iatsomethingsomething countless of time from dangers like worgs, kobolds and giants. Which now all serve me because of my all mighty powers and my great mercy. Leaving the Human barbarian Konan or was it Ronal to guard the Great city of Tuskwater. We arrived at the cave of the giant Owlbears!

In this terrible cave even I the great king was wounded! The act of great insult could of course only be done by unthinking evil creatures using cunning stealth and power poisons. But never the less I conquered even this challenge. Even when wounded and poisoned the evil plant creatures was slain and the dwarf priest Bontek healed mine and my other followers wounds.

The evil plants was not the only dangers of the cave, spiders and spidermen infected the cave like rats but these where easily cleaned out like the vermin they were.
But greats threat of the owlbear cave was of course the huge frenzied owlbear. Whom evil men had driven mad by killing most of its pack. This mad and mindless beast attack us and killed the elf Iatsomethingsomething after khornhak, the warrior dwarf, suffered a minor injured and ran off to hide! But the beast was slain by my magic and with the help of Konan or Ronal when he by pure luck and helped by my great magic powers appeared in the cave to attack the monster at its back as it was facing me. But by this deed we killed the monster and save the frightened and hiding Khornhak.

Konan or Ronal the barbarian had failed to protected the city of Tuskwater and only by my great and wise leadership did I get the city repaired and running again.

Nor did I leave the elf Iatsomethingsomething to her fate in endless knowledge and goodly mercy. I had her resurrected with the help of my high cleric. So she could have the grand joy and privilege serve me again. My grandeur and mercy have no limit when helping my followers and servants. I even gave them a few magic objects too keep them alive in the future!



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